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Verification of Qualification

A free on-line service to assist in the verification of a claimed academic qualification from the University of Melbourne or an affiliated or merged institution.

Data regarding graduates who have recently had their degree conferred or diploma granted is uploaded following this schedule:

Student graduates:

Data uploaded to site:
March / April conferring period

Late April

August ceremonies Mid-September
December ceromonies Mid-January of the following year
Ad hoc (non-scheduled) ceremonies or mail outs Following month

Note: Searches will only succeed if the surname and date of birth exactly match a record in the data base, including spaces and apostrophes, eg. McDonald is stored separately to Mc Donald and D'Alo will not come up under a search for Dalo. However, the search is not case sensitive.

Birth Date:

This website resource will only verify academic qualifications where the completed course has been conferred, that is, the student has graduated.

The provision of further information (e.g. dates of enrolment, date course requirements were met) incurs a $30 fee and requires written permission from the student along with copies of personal identification showing a signature.

Order an academic statement (verification) online

To order an academic statement online, you will need:

Student details
  • the student's name
  • date of birth
  • student ID number
  • year of commencement
Supporting documentation to upload
  • the signed consent of the student to release his or her academic records
  • a scanned copy of their personal ID (driver's licence or passport)

Order an academic statement (verification) online

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