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The University Timetable

NOTE: This page only provides subject timetable information for 2014 and earlier.

The subject timetable for 2015 is available at the Timetabling and Venue Management website.

To search the Timetables:
1. enter your subject code(s) (eg. ABPL20004),
2. select the relevant Timetable Period, and
3. select the sort option (by subject code, or date and time),
4. select Show Timetable.

To search for all subjects offered in a study area,
enter the study area only in the subject code field.

Please Note: The University Timetable represents both scheduled and planned classes.
Times and locations of classes on the University Timetable are subject to change.
Please check the timetable prior to the start of each semester.

For queries in relation to subjects on the University Timetable, please contact the relevant Student Centre.

2013 Timetable
Released: 22nd October 2012

Last Updated :
Fri 12/12/2014 15:30

Status: Public

2014 Timetable
Released: 21st October 2013

Last Updated :
Fri 12/12/2014 15:30

Status: Public

Enter subject code(s):
Timetable Period:
Choose display format: Sorted by activity.
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L = Lecture
P = Practical
S = Seminar
T = Tutorial
W = Workshop
PB = Problem-based
FW = Field Work
BI = Bump-in
BO = Bump-out
CL = Clinical Laboratory
CP = Clinical Placement
CR = Clinical Practice
CC = Concert Class
FM = Filmmaking
IC = Instrument Class
IP = Independent Practice
LE = Large Ensemble
PF = Performance
PC = Performance Class
RH = Rehearsal
SC = Screening
ST = Studio
  • The first number indicates which activity it is, e.g.
    L1 stands for the first weekly lecture for the subject
    L2 stands for the second weekly lecture for the subject
    P1 stands for the first weekly practical session for the subject, etc.
  • The second number (after the slash) indicates the different repeats available for that activity.
    You only need to attend one repeat session for each activity, e.g.
    L01/01 stands for Lecture 1, Repeat 1
    L01/02 stands for Lecture 1, Repeat 2, etc.
  • To allow for changover time, all classes commence 5 minutes after allocated time and finish 5 minutes prior to the stated end time eg. scheduled 9.00-10.00am, runs 9.05 - 9.55am (50 mins).
  • For queries about your session times and particular subjects, please contact the relevant teaching department.

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