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Affiliated & Merged Institutions

Over the years the University of Melbourne has affiliated or merged with other educational institutions. Not all certification information for these other institutions is available on this system.

Listed below are the institutions we have merged/affiliated with and an indicative date as to how far back our electronic records go.

  • Melbourne College of Advance Education - mid 1989
  • Hawthorn Institue of Education - 1995
  • Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) - 1997
  • Victorian College of Agriculture and Horticulture (VCAH) - 1997

The following institutions are pre-cursors to the Melbourne College of Advanced Education

  • Melbourne State College
  • Melbourne Teachers' College
  • Institute of Early Childhood Development
  • Melbourne Kindergarten Teachers' College

The following institution is a pre-cursor to the Hawthorn Institute of Education

  • Hawthorn Technical Teachers' College

With the exception of the VCA, if the person you are searching for graduated prior to the above dates please contact the University of Melbourne. Please contact the VCA directly if your search pre-dates the indicated year above.

Please note that this system does not contain any information about students attending TAFE colleges which are affiliated to the University of Melbourne.

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